CBFI By-Laws

Adopted 4 August 2010

Revised 2022



This Ministry Team’s name shall be “Campus Bible Fellowship Ministry Team of Baptist Mid-Missions.”


1. The name of the Baptist Mid-Missions’ campus ministry shall be “CAMPUS BIBLE FELLOWSHIP.” This name has been

    officially registered with the United States Government and, therefore, can be used only under the approval of the General


2. This name, or the initials “CBF,” are the official titles to be used to designate this ministry.



1. This Ministry Team exists for the purpose of prayerfully coordinating important matters pertaining to the work of Baptist

     Mid-Missions in the area of campus missions.

2. This team shall guide the development and expansion of the work of CBF in the following ways:

    a. Assisting fundamental, independent Baptist churches and Baptist Mid-Missions missionaries in carrying out the Great

        Commission among college students;

    b. Maintaining a local church emphasis through the establishment of Liaison Committees consisting of representatives from one

        or more local Baptist churches.


1. New ministry locations in North America should be opened only by our authorized missionaries after thorough research, a report        to the Leadership Team, and approval by vote of the Ministry Team. Overseas ministry locations should be established at the               discretion of that field’s Ministry Team leadership.

2. Priorities for this include:

    a. One or more Baptist churches of faith and practice like Baptist Mid-Missions to support the ministry with which the work and

        workers shall be connected;

    b. Locations having qualified personnel to help in the work, such as interested pastors, Christian education leaders, and college

        professors or staff;

    c. Areas near our like-minded schools, in that students from these schools can become involved and who may become future staff;

    d. New campuses ready to accept CBF, and which show good potential for ministry;

    e. Baptist Mid Missions’ church planters or missionaries representing like-minded agencies who desire to plant a church

        in the vicinity of a campus.

3. All CBF ministry locations are to be identified by the name of the city or geographic location.


The following considerations apply to U.S. based CBF missionary staff:

1. Specific placement may be declared only after that placement has been approved by the Ministry Team.

2. New appointees for ministry without prior CBF experience shall be expected to serve an internship of up to one year with veteran        staff at one or more locations. Consideration for modifying this requirement may be given for appointees with prior CBF exposure

    or other missionary experience.

3. CBF appointees cleared for training shall be placed by this Team after consultation with missionary staff at the ministry locations

    where the appointees desire to train.

4. This Team shall place all CBF missionaries authorized for ministry contingent upon their:

    a. Consultation with their Team concerning their burden and placement desires;

    b. Clearance to the work by the BMM administration.


The following considerations shall apply to missionaries serving with CBF outside the United States:

1. This Team shall assign training locations for missionaries after consulting with the staff at the intended training locations and with

    approval of the appropriate Field Administrator. Each missionary shall be expected to complete a series of at least two orientation

    visits to current CBF ministry locations. Each visit should be for a minimum of one week. One location will be assigned; one will be

    chosen by the missionary.

2. Upon completion of the required training and clearance to the field by the Baptist Mid-Missions’ administration, appointees to CBF

    ministries outside of North America shall be placed as directed by their respective Ministry Teams.


Each ministry location shall be considered free to carry on its own work within the framework of the principles and practices of Baptist Mid-Missions, but subject to the policies of their respective Ministry Teams.



This Ministry Team shall be comprised of all missionaries approved by the General Council for Campus Bible Fellowship.


Voting privileges shall be accorded only to missionaries who have completed one year of missionary service and have attended a

previous Annual Ministry Team Conference.



The officers of this Team shall be the Team Leader, Assistant Team Leader, Secretary, Treasurer, and Historian.


1. The TEAM LEADER shall:

    a. Preside at all meetings of this Ministry Team and its Leadership Team.

    b. Inform the Team North America Administrator of all major changes and decisions in the work.

    c. Be an ex-officio member of all Ministry Team committees.

    d. Maintain a file of all important papers pertaining to this Team. He shall remit this file to his successor.


    a. Assume the duties and responsibilities of the Team Leader in the event of his absence or resignation.

    b. Work closely with the Team Leader and assume responsibilities given to him.

    c. Serve as a member of the North American Enrichment Committee.

    d. Oversee the granting of charters for new CBF chapters and the annual renewal of charters for existing chapters.

3. The SECRETARY shall:

    a. Record concise, accurate minutes of business meetings and send copies to the North America Administrator and all CBF


    b. Maintain a file of all records and correspondence of his office, which he shall remit to his successor.

    c. Handle CBF correspondence unless otherwise designated by this Team or the Team Leader.

    d. Keep on file the names and current addresses of the membership and keep members informed of all changes and


4. The TREASURER shall:

    a. Maintain a Ministry Team checking account and disburse funds for authorized expenses.

    b. Keep an itemized account of all funds received and disbursed. 

    c. Distribute a financial report for each fiscal year to the North America Administrator and each CBF missionary.

5. The HISTORIAN shall:

    a. Contact new appointees and transfers to CBF on behalf of the Ministry Team and inform them of the requirements and

        procedures of this Team by sending each an appointee packet of helpful information.

    b. Compile and retain permanently for this Team the prayer cards, letters, and other items sent in by each missionary, in order to

        register the history of CBF on both a national and international level. He shall remit this file to his successor.

    c. Receive biannual (January and June) AIM reports from CBF ministry locations and compile annual Ministry Team reports.


1. The officers shall be elected by ballot at the Ministry Team Conference for two-year terms. Due to travel limitations and the

    requirement to attend Leadership Team meetings, elected officers shall be limited to missionaries serving in North America.

2. Nominations shall be taken from the floor at the time of election. Voting by acclamation shall not be employed.

3. Eligibility for office of Team Leader is reserved for those who have previously served on the Leadership Committee. The Team

    Leader shall be elected for two-year terms and not to exceed two consecutive terms.



1. The Leadership Team shall consist of the five elected officers.

2. Its meetings shall be called by the Team Leader, or by the Secretary at the request of two Leadership Team members. A

    majority shall constitute a quorum. Minutes of such meetings shall be communicated to all CBFI missionaries.


The duties of the Leadership Team shall be to:

1. Perform the routine business of the Ministry Team.

2. Prepare a preliminary agenda of business items in the form of motions for consideration by the Team at its Annual Meeting.

    This agenda in no way limits the business of the meeting.

3. Strategize and set goals.


The Leadership Team is authorized to spend up to $500 per project and up to $2,000 in executive session for regular bills or urgent




The CBF Coordinator is a special ministry assignment within the CBF Ministry Team. It is missionary in nature. The Coordinator’s authority is derived from the Ministry Team. He is to report directly to the Ministry Team or the Leadership Team each time they meet. He is to serve as a liaison between the Ministry Team and the administration of Baptist Mid-Missions.


The CBF Coordinator is to oversee the orderly implementation of all business, committee assignments and work projects authorized by the Ministry Team. He is to be a general consultant and advisor.


The Coordinator is appointed by the CBF Ministry Team for an indefinite term of service.


The Coordinator is an ex-officio member of all committees. 


Travel and ministry-related expenses for the Coordinator shall be paid from the CBF General Fund.



Written notice of each Annual Meeting shall be sent to each missionary at least two months prior to the meeting.


The purpose of the Annual Meeting shall be to discuss and act upon items pertaining to the work of CBF, to include but not limited to

election of officers, amendments to the Ministry Team by-laws, policy changes, and financial items; to collaborate on effective means of performing our ministries; and to provide a program for inspiration and education.

Attendance at annual Ministry Team meetings is mandatory for all North American CBF missionaries who have been cleared for

ministry. Anyone wishing exemption must request, in writing, to be excused, with a reason for the request. This request is to be submitted to the Ministry Team Leader in advance of the annual meeting, with a copy of the request to be sent to the Coordinator and the North America Administrator.

CBF missionaries serving internationally shall be required to attend the annual meetings during regularly scheduled furloughs. They shall be considered voting members but shall be excluded from voting on matters pertaining only to ministry in North America (see also Article IV, Section C, paragraph 1).


Ministry Team members who miss three or more consecutive Annual Meetings shall not have voting privileges at the next meeting.


A quorum shall consist of 50 percent of the eligible voting members. 


All decisions of this Ministry Team shall be determined by voting. Parliamentary procedure as described by Henry M. Robert’s Rules  of Order Revised shall be employed.


Funds for Team ministries shall be provided by monthly contributions from each missionary. The amount of this contribution shall be

reviewed and approved at each annual conference. CBF missionaries serving outside North America will be expected to contribute at the rate of 25% (rounded to the nearest dollar) of that of their North American counterparts.



1. Committee members shall be appointed by the Team Leader and approved by the Leadership Team.

2. The chairperson of each committee shall be elected every two years by the members of that committee.

3. The Leadership Team will serve as the Goals Committee. Each committee chairperson shall submit a list of goals for the

    coming year to the Coordinator and Leadership Team at the annual meeting. At the next annual meeting, the committee will

    submit a written report on the progress toward these goals. 


1. Each standing committee shall continue to conduct business throughout the year as needed to accomplish its goals.

2. Committees shall insure that all North American publications year the name and/or symbol of Baptist Mid-Missions and the GMAC, and shall follow Mission policy in the use of Scripture quotations and logos. International publications shall defer to their individual Ministry Team policies.

3. CBF standing committees shall be:

    a. Media Committee

         1. This committee shall be comprised of at least three members.

         2. This committee shall oversee CBF written and electronic publications.

    b. Recruitment Committee

        1. This committee shall be comprised of at least three members.

        2. This committee shall employ the best means and methods to recruit new CBF missionaries.


Additional committees may be created as necessary.


These By-Laws may only be amended by a two-thirds vote of the Ministry Team at its Annual Meeting. All members must be notified of the proposed amendment(s) at least three months prior to the Annual Meeting.


The Articles of Faith of Campus Bible Fellowship shall be identical to the current Articles of Faith of Baptist Mid-Missions.


1. All apprentices must be processed through the First Look Program of Baptist Mid-Missions before working with CBF. The duties          and time of their apprenticeship shall be determined by the missionary with whom they are to work.

2. Criteria for Single Women: For CBF ministry locations without male CBF leadership, these criteria shall be followed:

    a. Men from the local ministry shall be directly involved in the campus outreach.

    b. Single women shall be responsible to male leadership.

    c. The leadership arrangement shall be approved by the CBF Ministry Team.

    d. There shall be regularly scheduled meetings of church personnel with CBF staff.

3. Vacancies on the Leadership Team shall be filled by appointment by the remaining officers on a temporary basis until the next             Ministry Team meeting.