• Campus Bible Fellowship has been such an integral part of my spiritual growth!  I realized I didn’t know too much about the Bible. God led me to CBF  Bible Study through a student in one of my classes who was wearing a CBF t-shirt. I regularly attended Bible study and I found not only powerful lessons taught from Scripture, but an encouraging and prayerful group of brothers and sisters in Christ dedicated to helping each other in their relationship with God. What a blessing God has bestowed upon me!  

        -Ramya, Ohio

  • As a child, being taught the Scriptures at home and church, I realized my need for Christ, and I consequently trusted Him as my personal Savior at the age of 9.  When I enrolled in college, I became active in the ministry of Campus Bible Fellowship.  There I found great encouragement in my walk with Christ. It became a place for me to find other Christian students and develop godly friendships when I felt like I was the only Christian on campus. CBF also became a place to bring my unsaved college friends to show them what God has already done for them. Through CBF, I have had numerous opportunities to witness to friends and strangers even when I thought I was too shy. The weekly Bible studies and relationships have strengthened my own relationship with Christ and have kept me from veering off His path.

     -Jen, Florida

  • I believed that I knew everything about religion, although my lifestyle and attitude did not reflect that. Then someone from Campus Bible Fellowship asked me  two simple questions: “Do you know for sure if you died today that you’d go to heaven?”  and  “What do you think it takes to get to heaven?” After I answered both these questions with what I thought to be pretty good answers, he opened the Bible and showed me that according to the Word of God, I was not even close.

    As he took the time to minister to me, my spiritual eyes were opened.  I soon humbled myself before God and admitted I was a sinner and that only He could give me the gift of eternal life.  The road was not easy from there, but Campus Bible Fellowship provided help in my growth as a Christian, including  one-on-one Bible studies.  Through the group Bible studies I realized that I am not alone in my walk with God.  Campus Bible Fellowship played a very important role in my growth as a Christian.  

         - John D.  Pennsylvania

  • I was born in mainland China. Atheism educated us that we can do everything by ourselves; and we can be dominated by nothing except by ourselves. But in my mind, I feel sometimes we can not succeed even if we do our best.  

    After being married two weeks, my husband returned to USA for his studies. I had to stay in China to apply for a visa. I came to America four months later and was introduced to a CBF Staff.  She is my Bible teacher and very important because she taught me to know God.  I met many problems after coming to U.S.  I missed my parents and hated the big change for me. I asked my Bible teacher what I should do, and she always can find the way from the Bible to solve my problems. The Bible is so amazing in that it does help me out of my trouble.  I think God is so powerful and God brought me to America so that I can know him in this way. So I accepted God as my Savior and became a member of God’s family. Since then I can feel the true peace and happiness, because I believe that God is with me anywhere and all the time.   

           -Tina, China