CBF exists to make disciples in fulfillment of the Great Commission given in Matthew 28:19, 20. Our purpose is to provide sound, Biblical fellowship for Christians, to preserve a Christian witness and to reach out to the unsaved and bring them to faith in Christ. Our passion is meeting the spiritual needs of students and staff on university campuses through the local church.

Campus Bible Fellowship has shared the gospel of Jesus Christ and taught the truths of the Bible to each generation of students since 1966. The current generation of college students is the most diverse generation in American history. Among them are influencers and activists who are reshaping our world even as young adults. Campus Bible Fellowship has the unique privilege of impacting their worldview with the claims of Jesus. Here is a glance at our current mission field:


The number of college students enrolled in the United States in 2022.


The number of degree-granting postsecondary institutions in the United States.


The percentage of Gen Z who view themselves as "unaffiliated" with any religion. This places them as the most unreligious generation in American history