Campus Bible Fellowship International

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As the name implies, the primary emphasis of CBFI is Bible study. This is done in groups and one-on-one. Bible study is the program for evangelism and discipleship. CBFI seeks to meet the needs of students, university faculty and staff, often customizing ministries to reach athletes, medical students, cultural and language groups, residence halls, artists and musicians. All groups are usually brought together for one larger meeting on a weekly basis.

CBFI reaches out with a variety of social events, differing by region of the country. Some examples are hayrides, progressive dinners, barn parties, gym parties or game nights. We examine topics of current interest, conduct seminars on subjects of relevance to students, and use films and videos. Overnight retreats have proven to be effective in bringing students to faith in Christ and developing spiritual maturity. Camping trips, canoeing, white-water rafting, biking and hiking are all means of meeting students’ social needs and demonstrating the Christian faith in action.

A major means of reaching students is hospitality by CBFI Staff and members of local churches. A few hours in a home for dinner and fellowship produce results far beyond the effort or money expended.

Students are developed for ministry by serving at literature tables at key places on campus and by leadership training, as well as through attendance at national student conferences and training seminars. They are given practical experience as leaders in local CBFI Chapters, involvement in outreach on campus and as teachers under supervision. They also form Gospel Teams to minister in churches.

Our activities include all the services, ministries and events of the sponsoring local churches.